I favorite a lot of things on Twitter — over 9,000 tweets and counting — but I rarely go back to revisit them. I always feel like I should, though. So this month I decided to look back through the hundreds of tweets I faved in June and make a list of my favorite favorites.

Some amused me. Others made me think. A few are profane. Such is life.

I considered separating them into categories — Humor, Inspiration, Politics, etc. — but part of Twitter’s inherent beauty is that these things happen all at once every day without being separated by topic in my timeline, so why classify them now?

So here are My 50 Favorite Faves from June 2015, in chronological order. This list is mostly for my own reference, but if it introduces you to some new ideas — or gets you thinking about how you use Twitter in the first place — hey, cheers to that.









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