With only 4 days left in The 100 Day Project — a call to action for artists of all types — here are 10 awesome Instagram accounts I never would have found otherwise.

Elle Luna (elleluna)


elleluna is the originator of the project.

Mary Kate McDevitt (marykatemcdevitt)


marykatemcdevitt has been doing a great series of “animal friends” illustrations with limited color palettes.

Desirée De León (dcossyle)


dcossyle creates a daily illustration that incorporates a (very tiny) found object… like this train that’s actually a baby carrot. (She’s also a grad student in neuroscience(!), proving that you don’t have to be “an artist” to be an artist.)

Ryan Coleman (coleman811)


coleman811 does 8-bit digital portraits of his friends and pop culture scenes — an interesting experiment in creative constraints.

Brooke Barker (sadanimalfacts)


sadanimalfacts will break your heart adorably.

Melissa McFeeters (melissamcf)


melissamcf uses cut paper to create seemingly simple illustrations — a great example of an artist whose work has gotten more complex as the 100 days have progressed.

Victoria Wendish (vwendish)


vwendish illustrates fashion photos, turning them into a completely different expression.

Tricia Stackle (triciastackle)


triciastackle uses felt and thread to stitch designs that have evolved wildly since her project began.

Alex Menglide (menglide)


menglide illustrates everyday scenes around her apartment — a great example of a simple concept that yields striking results.

Brandon Land (mrchillustrator)


mrchillustrator keeps it simple: black and white abstract illustrations that pop.

More About The 100 Day Project

The project was created as a way to jumpstart your own creative habit. By committing to making something new from scratch, every day, you’re investing in your own artistic growth and giving yourself 100 chances to finish something (which, as any artist will tell you, can be the hardest part). Cheers to my friend Rachel Sager, who made me aware of the project (and also did it herself).

If you’re looking for artistic inspiration, if you enjoy seeing the evolution of the creative process, or if you just like cool images, check out #The100DayProject hashtag on Instagram and see what hundreds of creators of all kinds have been making every day for the past three months.

And if you’d like to join the project next year, you may want to start thinking about what you’d like to do for it now.


Because I think having an artistic experiment you actually want to pursue for 100 days — and the willpower to create something even when you’re not feeling it — is the key to making it all the way to the end of the project.

I found out about it just a few days before it started this year, so I didn’t enter into it with any specific passion to create or any clear desire to learn by tinkering with techniques. As a result, I dropped out after a week because my own efforts couldn’t hold my attention.

Kudos to everyone who saw it through. Here’s to staying inspired.

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