Whether you need help with character design, story structure, or plot twists, here are my most-read posts over the past 90 days.

Popular Storytelling Tips

The Real Hidden Genius of Pulp Fiction — Here’s why Tarantino’s script works so well

23 of the Best YouTube Channels for Visual Storytellers — Lots of clever examples!

10 Subtly Amazing Moments in Lady Bird — Why Greta Gerwig’s little details add up

The Mystery Box Is Broken, and Here’s How to Fix It — A trope gone very wrong

How Tag Hid a Heartfelt Movie in a Crass Comedy — Slapstick, but make it resonate

Why We Replaced Heroes with Antiheroes — The major cultural trend in storytelling

Why Black Sails Has One of the Best Protagonists in TV History — Hail Captain Flint!

The Surprising Theme in Pixar’s Coco — One ironic twist to rule them all

The Hidden Message in Disney’s Christopher Robin — Winnie the Pooh to the rescue?

The Queen’s Gambit: How Clever Visuals Make the Story Easy to Understand — ♕

Why Avengers: Endgame Is So Emotionally Effective — Character arcs done right

The Problem at the Heart of The Snyder CutJustice League vs. “Josstice League”

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