That’s a good question.

The TL;DR Answer

You could just view my LinkedIn profile, but isn’t that a bit impersonal?

The Short Answer

I’m a media maker whose entertainment career took a detour into marketing.

I keep meaning to get back into a career in entertainment, but since my network is so marketing-heavy, I keep finding new opportunities for my message-creation skills to help connect people with products and services they need.

(Plus, I’m good at it.)

The Longer Answer with Useful Details

I’m a writer, media maker, video producer, project manager, and digital marketer. As a self-employed creative professional, the services I currently offer include:

  • Writing (blogs, content, copy, scripts, video, and more)
  • Public Speaking (on marketing, media, why “content” is a bad word, and more)

You can learn more about me here (and probably too much about me here).

If you need digital media that makes a difference, drop me a line and let’s discuss.