JK_green2Well, that depends on you who ask.

My current services include writing, video production, and digital marketing for agencies and clients.

You can also see my work history and past clients here.

Want a more human answer?

In that case…

I’m a maker who works in marketing.

By day, I’m a professional writer and problem solver. I analyze media, help companies improve their marketing, and boost their revenue.

In the past, through both my direct client relationships and agencies, I’ve helped brands like Bigelow Tea, DAP, Ecover, Laureate Education, Ouidad, and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh create meaningful media that resonates with their audiences and their customers.

I also write and speak about the past, present, and future of media and marketing. (Here’s my keynote from PCPGHX, where I discuss the challenge of creating media that connects with people on a personal level.)

In 2015, I launched Freelance Rush, a coaching service for freelancers who want to build their business. With more than 10 years of freelance experience, I want to help others get better at doing the work they love.

If you need help with your brand’s marketing or positioning, let’s talk.

But enough about my day job(s)…

While I enjoy data analysis and problem solving, I’m really a creator at heart. (I went to school for computer animation and I spent most of my career in video production, so my angle on marketing comes from my background as a maker first.)

In 2003, I created the web sitcom Something to Be Desired (“STBD”), which I wrote, shot, directed, edited, and produced from 2003-2009. In 2008, STBD was nominated for a Yahoo! Video Award for Best Web Series. (We lost to The Guild, so congratulations to them.)

In 2006, I attended the very first PodCamp Boston, which poured rocket fuel on the field of social media. Six weeks later, I launched Podcamp Pittsburgh, the annual social media “un-conference” that survives to this day, in the spirit of the Boston original.

In 2010, with help from our fans on Kickstarter, STBD was spun off into a new series, The Baristas (2010-2011). Unfortunately, the real-life cafe the show was filmed in was sold and shuttered in 2011, so — like STBD before it — The Baristas never came to a proper end. (Yet.)

Over the years, I’ve spoken about digital marketing and the future of media at conferences from San Jose to Tel Aviv. Here’s a recent example. If you want a speaker who’ll get your audience talking, let’s make that happen together.

I blogged here for years — and wrote hundreds of posts — but most of my old posts have been retired. Maybe because I’m writing a book. You never know.

I currently reside in Baltimore, but I live on Twitter.