Who Is This Guy?

I have a day job.

Before that, I was a freelance writer, video producer, and digital media strategist for 7 years.

Before that, I was a video editor for 5 years.

During all that time (give or take), I created the web sitcom Something to Be Desired (aka “STBD”), which I produced from 2003-2009. In 2008, STBD was nominated for a Yahoo! Video Award for Best Web Series. (We lost to The Guild, so congratulations to them.)

In 2010, with help from our fans on Kickstarter, STBD was spun off into a new series, The Baristas (2010-2011). Alas, the actual cafe the show was filmed in was sold and shuttered in 2011, so — like STBD before it — The Baristas never quite came to a proper end.


In 2006, I attended the first PodCamp, which was held in Boston and which poured rocket fuel on the careers of many a social media professional. Six weeks later, I co-founded and launched the annual social media “un-conference” Podcamp Pittsburgh, which survives to this day.

I currently live in Baltimore, but these things change.

I’m constantly on Twitter.  (You’ve been warned.)

First time here?  You may want to browse through my blog posts on Armchair Sociology, or Storytelling, or Social Media. Or, start with one that sums me up fairly well.