JK_green2Well, that depends on you who ask. But generally speaking…

By day, I’m a professional writer and problem solver. I didn’t intend to specialize in digital marketing, but I’ve been doing that for the past 10 years, so I must be good at it.¬†You can see my work history and past clients here.

I also coach freelancers on improving their business at Freelance Rush.

By night, I’m a screenwriter, director, and producer.

In 2003, I created the web sitcom Something to Be Desired (“STBD”), which I wrote, shot, directed, edited, and produced from 2003-2009. In 2008, STBD was nominated for a Yahoo! Video Award for Best Web Series. (We lost to The Guild, so congratulations to them.)

In 2006, I attended the very first PodCamp Boston, which poured rocket fuel on the field of social media. Six weeks later, I launched Podcamp Pittsburgh, the annual social media “un-conference” that survives to this day, in the spirit of the Boston original. (PCPGH10 happens August 15 & 16, 2015. You can register here.)

In 2010, with help from our fans on Kickstarter, STBD was spun off into a new series, The Baristas (2010-2011). Unfortunately, the real-life cafe the show was filmed in was sold and shuttered in 2011, so — like STBD before it — The Baristas never came to a proper end. (Yet.)

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I became a marketer. Through direct client relationships and through agencies, I’ve helped brands like DAP Products, Bigelow Tea, Ouidad, and Ecover create meaningful media that resonates with their their audiences — and their customers.

When I’m not marketing, I’m making. Truth be told, I prefer making to marketing, but we live in strange times where it’s easier to make a living promoting than producing. That’ll change.

Over the years, I’ve spoken about digital marketing and the future of media at conferences from San Jose to Tel Aviv. If you need a speaker who’ll get your audience talking, book me.

I blogged here for years — and wrote hundreds of posts — but most of my old posts have been retired. Maybe because I’m writing a book. You never know.

I currently reside in Baltimore, but I live on Twitter.