There’s nothing* worse than bad copy.

“But what makes bad copy bad?”

Oh, wow… where to begin?

(Actually, not knowing where to begin is a pretty common sign of bad copy.)

Other flaws in bad copy include:

  • lifeless, robotic text that begs to be ignored
  • failing to capture your audience’s attention
  • leaving your audience confused or unsatisfied
  • spelling and grammar errors that destroy your credibility

What Makes My Writing Style More Effective?

I’ve been writing copy, video scripts, and other marketing collateral for agencies, clients, and employers for 10+ years. The clients who love my work keep coming back because:

  • I excel under tight deadlines and across various media formats
  • I can add interest and personality to even the driest content
  • I make complicated information easier to understand
  • I will deftly match your brand’s voice, tone, and style
  • Grammar and spelling errors make me twitchy

Some recent examples of my work include:

  • Blogging — Explaining why influencer marketing matters
  • Video Scriptwriting — I wrote the script for the following animated video about the benefits of Social and Behavior Change Communication for HC3

Does your organization need copy or scriptwriting that meets your organization’s business goals and doesn’t make your audience click away in search of something more enjoyable from your competitors? Drop me a line and let’s discuss.

*Except for disease, famine, violence, pestilence, and the paralyzing fear that your life has no meaning. But in terms of marketing, bad copy is still pretty terrible, so let’s fix it.