I help businesses achieve their goals by telling better stories.

How? Three ways.

Focus Your Message

You put a ton of time and effort into designing your new website, product launch, or advertising campaign. You invest a lot of money, sweat, and worry. Then you release it, and… nothing happens.

Just silence.

Nobody’s interested.

All you hear are crickets and doubts.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, there’s a reason why your message flopped: the story you’re telling isn’t compelling.

So, how do you figure out what actually does work?

How do you find the logical and emotional triggers that attract your audience’s attention and inspire them to take action?

Most importantly, how do you find a better way to tell the story that you’re so excited about, but which seems to get lost in translation between you and your customers?

I can help. Just check out my Storytelling for Business course!

Find Your Ideal Audience

Some businesses are content to sell to anyone. Most nonprofits are grateful for any amount of money they receive from any donor. And your typical media creator is happy to get an audience of any size or type, just as long as someone is listening.

But there’s a better way to connect with the right people.

How do you figure out who the best audience for your company’s story is?

How do you identify the prospects who are most likely to buy / donate / watch / share what you make?

How do you refocus your energy on reaching your top prospects so you can make more money and achieve a larger impact without all the white noise and wasted effort that currently takes up so much of your time?

I can help.

Fix Your Funnel

The path to success comes from sales, right?

Well, not exactly.

Most business advisors will help you optimize your marketing and sales funnels so you can maximize your revenue because they believe sales are the lifeblood of any business. They’re not wrong… but they are overlooking two key ingredients to long-term success. And if your sales funnel is missing these steps, you’re wasting a lot of time because you’re focused on the wrong goal.

So, how do you fix your funnel?

How do you change the story your company is telling itself so you can focus on the bigger picture?

How can you design a better workflow that shifts your focus, saves you time, increases employee and customer satisfaction, and leads you to even bigger results?

I can help.

Do You Want to Tell Better Stories to Your Customers?

Do you want to boost your brand awareness with more effective messages?

Do you want to find an audience that loves what you do?

Do you want to increase sales by fixing your funnel?

It all starts by telling better stories, inside and out.

Check out my Storytelling for Business course and let’s get started!