What was my first job after college?

I worked at a startup that makes interactive safety training for the steel industry.


Because our company’s founder figured out something critical:

Employees were ignoring their boring mandatory safety training, which led to them getting hurt on the job… but when that exact same training came in the form of a story, they paid attention.

No matter what the topic is, everyone loves a good story.

Stories help us relate. They help us remember. And they help us become who we want to be.

Since then, I’ve spent nearly 20 years helping organizations of all kinds tell better stories.

Now you can take my Storytelling for Business workshop as an online course!

My course helps storytellers in all fields improve 3 crucial skills:

  • Write in a style that attracts your ideal customer
  • Organize your thoughts into a story your readers will devour
  • Use story hooks to convert interest into action (like sales, donations, and more)

You can watch the first FREE lesson from my course right here!.