Your brand’s “story” is really the story your customers are telling themselves about you, based on your message, tone, and aesthetics. It’s a combination of logical and emotional signals that tell your customers how they should feel — about your company, your solutions, and themselves.

But is the story your brand is telling really helping you achieve your business goals?

How do you know if you’re even reaching the right audience?

That’s where my customized Brand Story Audit can help.

How It Works

It starts with a 30-minute phone or Skype call to discuss 3 key topics:

  • your short- and long-term business goals
  • your brand’s differentiation compared to your competition
  • your ideal audience

(If you don’t know who your ideal audience is, or how you’re differentiated from your competition, don’t worry. With the questions we’ll cover on our call, I’ll help you determine who your brand should be targeting, what sets you apart, and why.)

Then, I’ll conduct a full review of 3 core aspects of your brand’s online presence:

  • How effective is your value proposition?
  • How consistent is your messaging across all channels, including social?
  • How closely does your message match what motivates your ideal audience?

How It Helps You Reach Your Business Goals

My summary report will identify 3 action areas:

  • what your brand is doing well, story-wise
  • how you can improve the story your brand is telling
  • the key changes to your messaging that you can painlessly test to ensure  your brand’s story has the biggest impact on your potential customers

With this report, you can fix the weak spots in your brand’s story, strengthen your relationship with your prospects and customers, and further differentiate yourself from your competition — all while telling the kinds of high-impact stories that your ideal audience wants to hear from you.

What Does It Cost?

Base Rate: My Brand Story Audit service includes a custom and in-depth review of your website’s messaging, plus one of your brand’s social media channels, for just $500.

Add-Ons: Additional social media channels can be added at a rate of $150 per channel. For brands with larger websites who want a full evaluation of every subsection (10+ pages), additional webpages can be added at a rate of $200 per 10 additional pages reviewed.

Competitive Comparison: Want to see how your brand’s story stacks up to your competition? Add a Competitive Story Audit of your competitors’ websites plus one of their social media channels for just $300 per competitor you’d like to add to your report. You can add more of your competitors’ social media channels to your comparison report for an additional $100 per channel.

Let’s Get Started!

Contact me now to schedule your discovery call. 👍🏻