If you see how often I tweet, you may wonder, “What does this guy do all day?”

Good question.

Here’s the short answer:

  • I write scripts for educational and commercial videos
  • I write marketing copy for agencies and clients
  • I coach freelancers at Freelance Rush

Now I’m adding a new service that’s designed to help you boost your business, and from now until September 1st, you get to enjoy it at a wild discount.

Digital Media Audit

What is a digital media audit? It’s a two-step process that helps your online presence work wonders for your business. First, I analyze your website, your social media accounts, your traffic, and your email marketing technique (if you have one). Then, based on your traffic and your goals, I’ll provide you with a 90 day action plan to help you boost your traffic, your revenue, or your reach.

Why do I need a digital media audit? Because, more often than not, your online presence is actually preventing you from getting more business. But that can be fixed, and I want to help you fix it.

See, whenever someone asks me for help starting or building their business, I find they almost always have the same basic problem as everyone else. Whether it’s a freelancer, a small business, or an aspiring artist, they all suffer from a perception problem: namely, their website and their social channels are not in sync with their long-term business goals.

This is frustrating to me as both a potential client and a champion of their business.

I personally know talented designers that I can’t recommend for jobs because their own websites don’t convey the skill and generate the trust I’d expect to see from design professionals. I know writers and artists whose portfolios don’t give a prospective employer or customer any idea of what they’re truly capable of delivering. The list of perception errors is long — but they can be fixed.

This is a problem, and I want to help you solve it so you can present yourself the way you want to be seen — and the way your employers, clients, and customers want to see you.

Who benefits from a digital media audit? Small businesses, nonprofits, artists, and anyone who wants their digital presence to be a more productive tool in their business-building arsenal.

How long does it take? I’ll deliver your custom action plan within 5 business days from receipt of payment.

What will my digital media audit contain? Your personalized digital media audit will include:

  • my analysis of your online presence
  • my suggested action plan for improving your target performance
  • any digital habits or trends that I believe may be useful to you as you continue to grow your business and improve your online presence

How much does a digital media audit cost? This is the fun part — for you.

Through August 31st, I’m offering digital media audits for only $50, or $100 for an audit of your presence plus that of two of your peers or competitors — in case you’re curious about how your efforts compare to others in your field.

Wait… ONLY $50? Isn’t that a ludicrously low price? Yes, it is, which is why I can’t offer that price for long. But it’s also a brand new service, so I want to lock in some testimonials from exceedingly happy customers — and that means you. So take advantage of this entry price while you can. On September 1st, the price goes up.

Okay, so how do I purchase a digital media audit? This is also a two-step process.

First, select one of the two options below — either a solo digital media audit for $50 or a competitive audit of your channels plus 2 of your competitors for $100. Clicking “Buy Now” will enable you to pay via PayPal, including the use of credit cards.

What Kind of Digital Media Audit Would You Like?

Once I receive a notice of your payment, I’ll follow up within 1 business day to formalize the details, including:

  • the URL(s) being analyzed
  • all relevant social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • your NUMBER ONE GOAL — is it increased traffic, reach, or revenue?

I’ll then clarify any details and provide you with an estimated date of delivery.

Then, you relax while I work on boosting your business.

Sound good? Awesome. Let’s get started!