Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Secret to Being a Better Blogger

… or, actually, the secret to being better at anything?

Do it daily.

I’ve blogged before about the reasons to blog daily or not, but now that I haven’t blogged on a regular schedule in almost a year, I can tell you that there’s a secret buried in the habits of people who blog daily.

What’s their secret?

Daily bloggers are free from the paralyzing question, “Is this worth blogging about?”

When you blog daily, you always need something new to say.  Even a half-finished thought is worth posting, rather than posting nothing at all.  (Which is actually one of the main problems with our half-baked media culture at the moment.)

But once you haven’t blogged in a week… or a month… you (and I really mean “I”) start to feel like you need a reason to blog again.  It gets easier to say, “If I didn’t blog about that, why should I bother blogging about this?” And you very quickly stop blogging altogether.

Granted, daily blogging also improves your ability to write, think, debate, understand and self-promote.  And yet, that said, you don’t need to blog daily in order to be good at it.  But blogging daily will almost certainly help you get better.

If you can’t do it daily, do it regularly. Do it three days a week, or weekly, or bi-weekly.

Give yourself a deadline. Give yourself a reason to show up.

Because if you don’t, who will?